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BlueLine Associates is a business process improvement consulting firm. We specialize in using lean and six sigma methodologies in the service sector.  Our work results in processes being improved by making process better, faster, cheaperů and more compliant. Past projects improved quality, reduced cycle time, increased revenue, increased customer satisfaction, and decreased volume and risk.

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BlueLine Associates: Business Process Engineering

BlueLine primarily offers business process improvement services.  We have operational industry experience in both IT and business, and use proven methodologies like, lean, six sigma, and ITIL to drive specific and measurable business improvements to our client’s bottom line.  We have experience improving processes related to the core ITSM Processes (Incident, Problem, Change, Release) as well as complete process transformations for both HW and SW Asset Management and Configuration Management.

Let’s get there together. While we are proud of our credentials, certifications and methodologies we are most proud of our experience with the application of those methodologies and the successes of our clients.  We have been there on the other side as managers, tackling wasteful operations and poor processes. We understand the challenges and most importantly, the solutions necessary to improve business.

We enable our clients to succeed by identifying areas of waste; implementing solutions that stick; and offering process improvements that not only enhance operations, but also employee morale, customer loyalty and the bottom line.

How we do it. We take an engineering approach that leverages years of experience complimented by an in-depth understanding of the complex components that foster process excellence. We are able to identify, measure, and correct wasteful inefficiencies.  Not to mention we have a proven history of implementing predictable, sustainable and successful process improvement programs within a wide variety of organizations.

Need us to help your business?  Contact us to learn more about how BlueLine Associates can assist you in achieving business process excellence … by design.
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